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Our Team

We’ve assembled a professional drone team of engineers, technicians, creatives, and AR + VR experts to perfect camera movement in 3D space. The team has worked on hundreds of projects, spanning from film productions like the Fate and the Furious, to marketing activations like Oreo’s Drone Dunk, to art installations. While each team member brings different experience to the table, they share an interest in overcoming technical hurdles to bring to the world unique, never-been-seen cinematic experiences. 

Read our blog to learn about our craft.

9 Drone Shots Filmmakers are Missing Out On

The entrance of drones into cinematography was inglorious. In the late 90s and 2000s, they were used as cheaper—…

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The Greatest Showman Had the First Ever Drone Catch in a Major Motion Picture

The entire crew is huddled around the cinematographer and director. They’re all looking at an animated pre-vis of the…

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Marvel Heroes’ Cloak & Dagger Come to ABC with Help from Aerobo Drone Services

Cloak and Dagger are not your normal superheroes. Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are runaways in New York City. After…

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Aerobo brings stunning aerial cinematography to the Coach 1941: Fall 2017 Collection

The latest collection from Stuart Vevers was on display at the Fall 2017 show produced by COACH, surrounded by…

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