Aerobo Operates Drones Nationally for
Clients in News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection providing high-quality aerial photography.

Film and Commercial Production

Aerobo has worked directly with the commercial Film and TV industries providing high-quality aerial cinematography by using cutting edge proprietary drone technology and leveraging a network of highly capable FAA certified pilots. Fully FAA licensed and insured, Aerobo is the industry leader in drone cinematography.

Broadcast Sports

As the industry leader for high-quality drone photography and cinematography, Aerobo has worked directly with leading broadcast networks to develop specialized technology for live sports. With more live hours of broadcast TV via drone than any other company – Aerobo sets the standard for professional drone broadcasts.


Designed by Aerobo’s team of engineers, the Aerobo Mini includes a stabilized camera system and weighs in at just 4.4lbs. With the Aerobo Mini created, in consultation with the broadcast news industry, to be the best broadcast drone for live news, Aerobo is leading the drone industry for news broadcasts.

Virtual Reality

With a team of industry experts, Aerobo has created professional aerial VR capture rigs. These systems are designed with VR considered in every aspect of the proprietary drone design. Aerobo’s engineers and drone pilots have optimized systems that are comprised of the best aerial VR cinematography technology developed to date.

3D Mapping

Whether for industrial applications or conducting scientific measurements, Aerobo provides accurate and timely volume calculations using 3D mapping technology. Accurate, Fast, Safe and Cost Effective – 3D mapping with Aerobo is the solution to costly work delays and inaccurate measurements.

Industrial Inspection

Timely, cost-effective inspections are critical as part of your overall risk-mitigation plan. Aerobo offers aerial inspections that are both detailed and cost-efficient. Drone inspections provide the ability to inspect more often and be more thorough with each inspection.

Precision Agriculture

Coupling expert agronomists with near-infrared sensor technology, Aerobo can access precise and valuable agricultural information. Aerobo drone-based agricultural inspections are an efficient way to understand the overall picture of crop health and growth.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Showcasing properties with dynamic aerial photography and aerial cinematography has shown to help properties sell quickly and at higher value. Aerobo delivers interior and exterior drone cinematography and photography, as well as interior and exterior imagery from the ground. High-quality real estate photography impresses buyers and highlights important property features.