Aerobo, a Cutting Edge Drone Service Company, Serves Clients Nationally in News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection providing high-quality aerial photography.

 Fully FAA licensed and insured, Aerobo is the industry leader in drone cinematography, live drone broadcasts, drone-based aerial VR services and more. Aerobo has worked directly with the commercial Film and TV industries providing high-quality aerial cinematography by using our industry-customized proprietary drone technology and leveraging a network of highly capable FAA certified pilots.


As the drone business grows, choosing a professional drone company with extensive industry experience is key to delivering high-quality aerial footage for your project. A drone company’s pilot and regulatory experience can mean the difference between a successful on-budget shoot and an over-budget shoot with extensive delays. Lack of pilot experience can even mean coming into violation of federal FAA regulations.


When hiring a drone service, be sure to review past projects, clients and work samples from the company. Have the firm provide verification of sufficient insurance and licensing to cover the possible liabilities of the shoot. In addition, you must validate that the drone pilot has the experience, and the video drone assigned has the technical capacity, to perform the tasks needed for your shoot.


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