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Clients in News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection providing high quality aerial photography.


Aerobo is FAA Approved
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Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development:

‘If you are a novice to the film business – an aspiring producer, a first year film student, a makeup artist looking for a first break – there’s one thing you should know: we’re here to help. Yes, we work with major Hollywood mega-films and network TV shows, but we are just as ready to engage with film students and first-timers to do whatever we can to help them realize their creative vision and their career ambitions in New York State.’

New York Drone Services - Location Information

  • First legal commercial drone flight in NYC.
  • First commercial drone flight in Manhattan for the just completed 2nd Ave subway tunnel.
  • Projects: Last Flag Flying, The Americans, Bad Boy Reunion, Liberty Mutual Commercial, Invisible (Doug Liman), Dateline NBC, Nightly News, The Good Wife, Wonderstruck, MTV VMA Commercial, White Girl Wine commercial, It Comes at Night, Wildling, The Eyes of My Mother, Iron Fist, The Puppybowl, The Punisher, Victoria’s Secret, Jack Goes Home, The Today Show
  • All Aerobo drone systems are available in this location including our proprietary X8 platform.
  • Cameras available: RED, Alexa Mini, A7SII, X5S, X5R, X5, X3, P4, OZO, Freedom 360
  • Aerobo X8 heavy-lift drone system capable of flying Alexa Mini or RED cameras

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