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Aerobo has a significant presence in New Orleans with a number of high profile projects for clients like Netflix and SyFy just in the first few months of 2017. The Big Easy is a compelling backdrop for film and commercial production. With pilots and drones available, Aerobo is ready to tackle any project.

Aerobo, as the industry leader for drone cinematography and professional drone services, is the creative partner that can tackle any set of drone services requirements. Aerobo leverages cutting-edge drone technology combined with experienced and dedicated professional drone pilots, camera operators and crew to ensure that each drone cinematography project is immaculate. From fashion shows to sporting events, feature films to hit TV and commercial production Aerobo used decades of expertise and proprietary drone technology to ensure your project is executed on time and as planned.

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‘From Academy award-winning movies to hit tv shows, the film industry continues to boom in the Big Easy. But being the Hollywood of the South is nothing new for New Orleans – we have a long rich history in the entertainment industry dating all the way back to 1929 with The Mississippi Gambler.’

New Orleans Drone Services - Location Information

  • Louisiana has a beneficial statewide Tax-Credit for film and TV production.
  • Due to Aerobo’s business presence in Louisiana, productions can receive the Louisiana tax credit if they use Aerobo’s New Orleans drone services.
  • All Aerobo drone systems are available in this location including our proprietary X8 platform.
  • Drone cameras available: RED, Alexa Mini, A7SII, X5S, X5R, X5, X3, P4, OZO, Freedom 360.
  • Aerobo’s X8 heavy-lift drone system is capable of flying Alexa Mini or RED cameras.