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Aerobo Operates Drones Nationally for

Clients in News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection providing high quality aerial photography.


Aerobo is FAA Approved
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AJC/Access Atlanta:

‘Since 2008, Atlanta has played backdrop to more than 140 films and TV shows, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Everywhere, it seems, stories are being built.

“It’s really nice to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. You have to be ready,” said Craig Miller, chair of the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Advisory Commission. “And now, Atlanta is ready.”‘

Atlanta Drone Services - Location Information

  • Statewide Tax-Credit for film and TV production.
  • Due to Aerobo’s business presence in Georgia, productions can receive the Georgia tax credit if they use Aerobo services.
  • .All Aerobo drone systems are available in this location including our proprietary X8 platform.
  • Cameras available: RED, Alexa Mini, A7SII, X5S, X5R, X5, X3, P4, OZO, Freedom 360
  • Aerobo was engaged for drone services on Underground Season 2 in ATL.
  • Aerobo was engaged for drone services on Fast and the Furious 8 in ATL
  • Aerobo was engaged for drone services on Spiderman in ATL.
  • Aerobo X8 heavy-lift drone system capable of flying Alexa Mini or RED cameras

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