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A collection of Aerobo’s experience.

Aerobo operates drones for clients in News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection providing high quality aerial photography.


Aerobo is FAA Approved
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Aerobo operates a commercial drone company nationally for clients in the News, TV, Sports, Advertising, Cinema, Surveying & Inspection industries. Leveraging this breadth of experience (Aerobo has shot more live telecasts from a drone than any company in the world) our team has created this knowledgebase with useful information on commercial drone best practices.

Professional Drone Operation on a Film Set

Aerobo is an industry leader in providing high-quality aerial photography.

Whether you are searching for a professional drone service to deliver high-quality drone video or you are a new Part 107 drone pilot working either for a drone company or independently, it is important to make sure that regulations, industry norms and best practices are understood thoroughly and respected with regards to both drones and the particular industry in question. This means both the client and the drone services company team need to communicate their requirements and needs early in the process.

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Important things to consider when hiring a drone company

Since the recent changes in FAA regulation of commercial drones, the drone services industry is booming. Many new drone companies and freelancers are offering their services all across the country. When choosing a drone company to provide high-quality aerial imagery, you need to consider many factors.

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Proprietary Video Drone Technology

Aerobo has developed proprietary drone technology to meet the demanding client needs for film production and live broadcast TV.

Aerobo’s X8 platform leverages state of the art drone design and technology to deliver the lift capacity, agility and precision demanded by the broadcast TV and Film industries. Capable of flying numerous payloads, the X8 is optimized for the RED Epic, Alexa Mini and Movi Pro systems.

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Filming with Drones from a Moving Vehicle

Sometimes complex aerial cinematography requires following moving vehicles or spanning a large swath of ground, necessitating that the drone operator must ride in a vehicle while piloting the drone. Filming from with drones from a moving vehicle is for professionals only.

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